Why I do what I do.

I deeply love creative professionals. And I am obsessed with mid-career.

So, I’ve chosen to devote my coaching practice exclusively to mid-career creatives as they navigate—in the years orbiting their fortieth birthday—a beautifully itchy, stretchy life moment. As their committed ally, I help them move through the change and uncertainty of this life phase with a sense of grace and clarity that is uniquely their own.

Mid-career can feel make-or-break, and its challenges can obscure its richness.

My clients are ambitious art directors vying for the big promotion. Intrepid new parents longing to step out of parental leave into a new professional title. It’s the graphic designer with a sneaking suspicion he’d rather be a barber. The aromatherapist stepping into her first solopreneur venture. The media whiz whose professional landscape has shifted so radically she no longer confident of her value. The artist whose life demands all seem to be pulling her away from the most generative place in her world, her studio.

This commitment to serving creative souls extends from my former career as a creative director in global advertising agencies. In short, Métier coaching + culture exists for makers.

What else. A certified teacher of advanced and therapeutic yoga, I passionately advocate the development of somatic wisdom in the workplace. My coaching practice is supported with daily meditation and yoga practices, and I read a ton about development, so my clients don’t have to.

My intention with this blog is to spark reflection on mid-career and to provide some service in the form of thoughtful micro-practices that can help contribute to you, dear reader, being where you long to be.

Making Space