Career Clarity

Get unstuck fast!


Career Clarity Package

This 7-day process is designed to help you unpack your current professional reality and define strategies to move forward. Take stock of where you’ve been, where you’re headed and what you need to do to get there.

In just 1 week you’ll get

CLARITY—Learn about your current way of being and identify a new way forward

DEFINITION—Articulate your professional brand and positioning

STRUCTURE—Build a supportive 90-day success plan, updated LinkedIn or renewed portfolio

DEVELOPMENT—Practice building new capacities to support you in your plan

INSIGHT—Learn to deepen your relationship to your felt experience and translate this wisdom into action

Our proprietary approach builds on Integral Coaching™ and personal branding methodologies to help you get where you want to be.

Your experience

day 1

We’ll meet for a 3-hour focus workshop. You’ll emerge with a clear portrait of your current situation, value statement, where you’re headed and clear action items.

day 2

Receive an email with your personalized report containing workshop notes, outcomes and reflection questions for you to work with over the week.

days 2-6

You’ll pursue personal reflections and a guided practice to deepen your insights and refine your vision.

day 7

We’ll meet for a 60-minute strategy session to deepen and refine your action plan.

The career clarity program is perfect for transitions, entrepreneurial dilemmas and life-stage shifts.

Career Clarity Package—$1200 CAD




For current clients only — Follow your 1:1 coaching program with a Monthly Coaching Subscription for access to ongoing support and accountability as you build your new way. Minimum 6 month engagement.

Your Monthly Coaching Subscription includes

+ 1 monthly 60-minute coaching call (Zoom)

+ a new, personalized Somatic Wisdom™ practice

+ book-as-you-go convenience

+ a FREE 30-minute kickoff call at the beginning of your subscription

Monthly Coaching Subscription—$400 CAD/month (taxes included)

Please call or email to enquire about a Coaching Subscription.