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new theme! fall 2019

Mat Leave Moxie!

Designed to help creative professionals on maternity leave (or thereabouts) plan a successful professional shift.

in 8 weeks, you will Develop the supportive capacities and structures you need to align your professional life with your family reality.

(PLUS! All group coaching sessions are held online, so you can join from anywhere!)

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You’ll leave the coaching program with

CLARITY—Learn about your current way of being and define a new way forward

DEFINITION—Articulate your professional brand and positioning

STRUCTURE—Build a supportive 90-day success plan for back-to-work practices in support of the life you desire

DEVELOPMENT—Practice building new capacities to support you in your return to work

INSIGHT—Learn to deepen your relationship to your felt experience and translate this wisdom into action

Our proprietary approach builds on Integral Coaching™ and personal branding methodologies to help you get moving in the right direction for you.


Participants will each receive

Personalized focus

  •  Schedule a pre-course 1:1 coaching call to get clear on your intention. 45 minutes

  • Personal daily practice. This will look different for each participant. Designed to help you develop new patterns.

Dynamic development

  • 4 x group coaching calls, each looking at a key theme in support of you building your 90-day Back to Work Moxie Plan: Mindset, Conversations, Actions and Support. 60-minutes each, every 2 weeks

  • Get a new, personalized, capacity-building practice and reflection prompts to pursue after each group session

Ongoing support

  • Access to a private online members’ space to share stories, learning and successes with your group

  • Electronic files of all supporting documents : worksheets, practices, planning tools and more.

  • Email your coach with questions between coaching sessions

Lovingly designed for professionals who are figuring out how to rock their career while they parent very young people.


Mat Leave Moxie is for you if

  • You’re figuring out your next professional move and want clarity and a committed ally to help you make it happen while you’re juggling life with a little one

  • You know you’re great at your job but longing for change…and you want to put the wheels in motion during your time away from your employer

  • You want to redefine your role, ambitions or scope of responsibilities according to who and where you are now

  • You’re tired of hearing ineffective work-life balance BS and want real alignment that honours your unique realities

  • You’d like to embark on a personal development process at a fraction of the cost of 1:1 coaching

Meet your coach!

Janine Hopkinson, Integral Master Coach, writer, solopreneur and mom.

This is me and my mat leave sidekick, 7 years ago!

This is me and my mat leave sidekick, 7 years ago!

I’m passionate about helping professionals like you advance their careers with clarity and grace, and in alignment with their deeply held values.

In my former career as a Creative Director, I worked in national advertising agencies alongside exceptionally driven creatives, helping them shape and define their voices and paths. Now I am an entrepreneur and coach serving creative professionals as they stretch and grow at

And. I feel you. I had my son (that’s us in the pic!) at age 40 as my demanding career was blooming. I learned to work through my own exhilarating and often painful mid-career malaise by pulling from the deep wisdom of coaching and the creative generosity of brand building. I can help you do the same.

here’s what You’ll experience

week 0 — 1:1 Coaching call

  • Get to know your coach, align your objectives and new way

  • Receive your personal Daily Support Practice

weeks 1-8 — Group coaching

  • Meet your group every other week for a powerful group coaching call

  • We’ll work through 4 key themes in support of your 90-day Back to Work Moxie Plan: Mindset, Conversations, Actions and Support

  • You’ll leave each coaching call with a Focus Exercise to work on until the next call

  • You’ll be able to exchange with and be supported by your peers through the Private Group

  • Connect with your Coach by email as needed

  • Complete your 90-day Back to Work Moxie Plan

end — Connected closure

  • We’ll schedule a final call in to close the coaching program and celebrate our time together

are you ready to get your moxie on?

FALL 2019



1:1 private sessions take place the week before the group sessions begin.

Group sessions are held every other week.

Fall 2019 registration is now closed. Sign up below to be notified about upcoming sessions.


All individual and group coaching sessions are held by Zoom web conference.

Cohorts are small to ensure a personalized approach : minimum 4 participants, maximum 8. We reserve the right to cancel or delay the session if less than the minimum number of participants is enrolled.

Participants are asked to show up fully to all coaching sessions and share in the group space—some days that will mean leaning in and others, leaning back. You’ll get what you give in this coaching relationship. The Group coaching experience and online community provide a great context for developing interpersonal skills and stretching your capacities in that arena.

You can also expect to spend some time every day on your development practices and reflection, and you can decide how and when this happens. Prefer 5 minute increments? Or a deep dive when the little ones are asleep? It’s up to you, as long as you commit to your practice.

We get it—Life has a way of happening! However, we are unable to reschedule in the case of absence. All Group sessions will be recorded and shared with participants so you don’t miss out an any content.


Mat Leave Moxie Group Coaching

Fees per person: $975

Fall 2019 registration is now closed. Sign up below to be notified about upcoming sessions.