Group Coaching

2019 theme moxie!

Designed to support you in the evolution of your unique professional presence.

IN 12 WEEKS, YOU’LL DEVELOP THE SUPPORTIVE CAPACITIES YOU NEED TO rock the next phase of your creative career.

(PLUS! All group coaching sessions are held online, so you can join from home, work, or the studio!)



CLARITY — Learn about your current way of being, how it supports and limits you

DEFINITION — Articulate your vision for your new way forward

STRUCTURE — Discover the supportive practices that enable you to create lasting change

DEVELOPMENT — Build new capacities to support you in your professional ambitions

INSIGHT — Learn to deepen your relationship to your felt experience and translate this wisdom into action




  • Personalized coaching. Before the group meets, you’ll have a 1:1 coaching call to get clear on your intention and goals. 45 minutes

  • Customized daily practice. This will look different for each participant. Designed to help you develop new patterns.

Group coaching

  • 6 group coaching sessions. Every 2 weeks, we’ll explore a different facet of important to the group and co create around it. 75 minutes each

  • Ongoing guided practices and reflection to support your development until the next session

Ongoing support

  • Access to a private online group space for peer support, exchange and co-learning

  • Weekday email support with your coach between calls

Sustainable change

  • A clearly articulated and integrated new way of being in relation to your goals

  • Supportive new capacities and practices to ensure your ongoing success



+      you’ve landed that big promotion (but you’re having some DOUBTS)

+      you long for change but need help figuring out how to best make it happen

+      you’re about 15 years into your career and feeling stuck  

+      you’re tired of work-life balance BS and want real alignment in your life

+      you’re feeling called to your studio but drained by your day job

Benefit from personalized development along with peer learning and support for a fraction of the investment of 1:1 coaching


Janine Hopkinson, Integral Master Coach, writer, creative strategist and founder of Métier coaching + culture.

I’m passionate about helping creatives like you advance their careers with clarity and grace, and in alignment with their deeply held values.

In my former life as a creative director, I worked in national advertising agencies alongside exceptionally driven creatives, helping them shape and define their voices and paths. Now I am an entrepreneur and coach serving creative professionals in communications, arts & culture and solopreneurship as they stretch and grow at

This programme is inspired by my years of working with folks just like you…and it’s rooted in the wisdom of my own experience.  

I’ve learned to work through my own exhilarating and often painful mid-career malaise by pulling insights and practices from Integral coaching and creative brand building. I can help you do the same.


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1:1 private sessions will be scheduled to take place the week before the group sessions begin. 60 min.

Group sessions are held every other week. 75 min each.

Cohorts are small to ensure a personalized approach : minimum 4 participants, maximum 8. We reserve the right to cancel or delay the session if less than the minimum number of participants is enrolled.


All individual and group coaching sessions are held by Zoom web conference.

Participants are asked to show up fully to all coaching sessions and share in the group space—some days that will mean leaning in and others, leaning back. You’ll get what you give in this coaching relationship. The Group coaching experience and online community provide a great context for developing interpersonal skills and stretching your capacities in that arena.

You can also expect to spend some time every day on your development practices and reflection, and you can decide how and when this happens. Prefer 5 minute increments? Or a deep dive when the little ones are asleep? It’s up to you, as long as you commit to your practice.

*Life has a way of happening! We are unable to reschedule in the case of absence, however, group sessions will be recorded and shared with all participants so you don’t miss out an any content.


Mid.Career Moxie Group Coaching

Fees per person: $1500

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Interested in forming your own cohort with at least 3 of your colleagues? Contact us to schedule a custom group coaching program.