Our Approach

All of our programs are informed by Integral Coaching™, a robust and elegant approach to adult development.

Our goal is to help you integrate cognitive awareness, somatic and emotional intelligence, and supportive practices into your work life so you can lead yourself and others more fully, consciously, and effectively. Each program is designed to meet you where you are and help you get where you want to be.

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Our Founder

Janine Hopkinson is an independent coach, consultant, and entrepreneur. Following a 20-year career as a creative director in global advertising agencies, she founded Métier coaching + culture, so she could fulfill her ambition of being a greater ally to creatives, makers and artists as they navigate their relationship to work.

Integral Master Coach
Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Our Mission

Métier’s mission is to help creative professionals at mid-career find and express their moxie, their clarity and their grace as they move through transformations great and small.